For a more secure method of logging in to the dashboard, a user may use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) to log in.  When 2FA is enabled, the user will first log in with their username and password, they will then be prompted for a 2FA code which is sent by email to the user's email address on record.

To turn on 2FA Login follow the steps below:

  1. Open Profile in the menu that appears when you hover your mouse over your avatar in the dashboard.

  2. Then go to the 2FA Login tab and check the box beside your email address to turn on 2FA Login Authentication.

  3. Press the Update button to save your settings and the next time you login these settings will take effect.

Logging in with 2FA

Logging in to the dashboard with 2FA Login turned on will first require you to still log in with your username and password. It will show you a screen after initial login where you have to enter the code which will have been simultaneously emailed to the address in your profile. Simply enter the code received (with or without the dash will be accepted) and press the Continue to Login button.

Email sample:

Dashboard 2FA Login:

Reseller Admins may choose to have users forced to use 2FA Login and will not be able to turn it off.  To enable this please submit a ticket to Support.