The SkySwitch PBX Manager Portal is a White Label Branded Portal which gives your customers access to the system to manage their personal account settings and or the company settings. As the Reseller, through your SkySwitch Dashmanager you will determine whether a user has access to the PBX Manager Portal and if given, what user scope is defined. There are 6 different User Scopes. Below are examples of each which will be further defined and explained in a subsequent course:

1. No Portal Access - This person is blocked from access to the reseller's portal.

The following users will have Portal Access
A username & password are required, based on the registered user's profile to the reseller's branded site.

2. Simple User - 5 visible Icons: Home, Messages, Fax, Contacts, and Call History

3. Basic User - 7 icons; ADD access to their own answering rules & personal time frames to the Simple User capabilities above.
(NOTE: Their personal time frame rules, are not viewed as part of the main domain's rules. Its only visible and selectable from the user's personal view. )

4. Office Manager / IT - This view Users, Conference, Auto Attendants, Call Queues, MOH are added to the previous role. This is the same rights & view as master reseller would have, but just for one (1) domain only. You may control your office managers by using domain limits, so they cannot exceed what you may be billing them for. ( See Domain Limitations )

  • Limit # of Active Calls
  • Limit # of External Calls
  • Limit # of Max Users
  • Limit # of Departments
  • Limit # of Max Conference Bridges
  • Limit # of Max Auto Attendants
  • Limit # of Max Call Queue

5. Call Center Agent - This view shows the call queue they are part of, how many callers are still waiting, as well as other options similar to the Simple User role.

6. Call Center Supervisor - This role allows the supervisor to move agents into or out of different queues, as well as adding statics on the fly to current call flow. Reports are also available to the supervisor.