One of the most important aspects of setting up a new trunk is knowing how to send your headers to the SkySwitch platform or more importantly adjusting the trunk group to work with PBX's which are a little less flexible in their configuration. SkySwitch supports and recommends the use of IP PEER-TO-PEER connections to our switch so that is what this guide reviewing.

Our Switch Authenticates the Invite two ways

  1. By the source IP of the Request
  2. Unique naming for the From and TO headers which maps the request to the domain on our platform (We suggest using the domain as this name)

Overview of Important Trunk Settings

  • Name - This is the unique naming which matches the host part of the "From" URI
    • We recommend you name the trunk the same as the domain name
    • In this example, the headers would need to be sent to SkySwitch like the following:



    • If the PBX is not able to put the domain name in the host part of the URI then you will have to name this field whatever your PBX is sending which is likely the IP address of the PBX
  • Domain - Select the domain you want the trunk to be associated with
  • Relay Media - Whether you would like the Media to be proxied through our switch or sent directly to the carrier
  • Trunk Type - Allows you to select what type of traffic is permitted on the trunk
  • IP Control - We recommend Static IP but you have the option to choose registration as well
  • IP Address - This is the Public IP address of your on-premise PBX (*Note- the PBX can be behind a firewall; however, port 5060 needs to be port-forwarded to the internal IP address

Practice Makes Perfect

By using a softphone to simulate an on-premise PBX we can send outbound calls through the trunk to test

  1. Download Zoiper
  2. Make sure the IP Address in the Trunk you created is the Public IP Address of your computer
  3. Enter in the trunk settings into your Zoiper client
    1. Domain maps the to Name field of the trunk you created
    2. Username - is the caller ID you want outpulsed
    3. Password - Some Zoiper versions require the password ( You can make this password up)
    4. Outbound Proxy is where the packets need to be sent. We recommend you use "[resellerid]"
  4. You will need to navigate to the Extra tab and disable "Register on startup"
  5. It is time to make a call!


  1. Re-check the steps and verify any errors
  2. Take a PCAP (packet capture) off your computer with Wireshark (or your Router) and verify the headers sent in the FROM parameter match the Name field on the trunk settings
  3. Open a support ticket at with the Dialed #, public IP, and time so we can verify what we are receiving.