The Agent Status Toggle Button can be enabled on individual users via Button Builder. Pressing the Agent Status Toggle button allows a Call Center Agent to log in and out of Call Queues while showing their status on a BLF button. The phone button will show as a green when the agent is logged in, and red when the agent is logged out.

The Agent Status Toggle button can only be set up by utilizing the Button Builder. Set up cannot be done through NDP.

Application-Aware BLF needs to be enabled per domain, once the feature is announced it will be enabled across the platform.

See this article for more information on Button Builder.

Setting up the Agent Status Toggle

To set up the Agent Status Toggle, navigate to Button Builder for a phone that is involved in a queue, and Select Queue Toggle. If you use the default label, the Button will be labeled as 'ToggleAvailability.' 

It is not possible to identify the target queue, the Queue Toggle will log the agent in and out of all associated queues.

Using the Agent Status Toggle

Once the configuration is synced with the phone, the phone will show a green BLF button when the agent is logged into their queue(s).

When pressing the 'ToggleAvailability' button, a recording will play that says, "You are now unavailable," and the button will turn red. The status will also be reflected in the portal under the queue or the Call Center Agents Portal Screen.

Pressing the 'ToggleAvailability' button again will result in a recording that says, "You are now available," and the button will turn green.

Pressing the button multiple times in a short time period may cause the button to play the same recording. Keep in mind, the audio prompt that is played and the BLF status reflects the agent's actual status.