Audit logs can be found at the top reseller level or in a domain in Manage PBX by clicking on the Reporting tab. Viewing audit logs allow you to see various changes made within the PBX Portal. Audit logs are used for tracking changes done historically. By default, audit logs are enabled for the Reseller role only, but the feature can be turned on for Office Managers by using the Branding tab.

Reseller Level Audit Logs

Audit logs found in the Reporting tab at the reseller level will show you all changes made to your domains by or any of the users in your domains.

Domain Level Audit Logs

Audit logs found in the Reporting tab at the domain level will show you changes made to the current domain, or changes made by users in that domain.


There is a maximum filter length of 90 days. It's also possible to filter by a target object (such as an answering rule or Time Frame) or target Operation (such as Delete or Create).

Audit log details

The details of the audit log will vary by the Object and Operation. In general, you can expect to see the Timestamp, User responsible for the change, Operation, and Target Object. Clicking 'Show More' will show more details such as the IP address of where the change was made.


Features that are changed from Feature Sync, Voicemail Menus, and Star codes will not be shown in the Audit logs. Feature Sync is a common culprit of answering rules changing on a user without any audit logs being created. Feature Sync takes features like Forwarding from the phone and applies the rules to the User in the Portal, the changes are done over SIP NOTIFY messages and therefore are not represented in the Audit Logs.

Our staff will not have additional logs, as all relevant logs for your domains will be shown to the Reseller. If a log is missing, it typically means the feature was changed by one of the features above.

If you need help understanding or tracking an Audit log, please contact our Support Team.