Managing fraud is an important part of your business. Here are the tools available to help you.

Activate International Calling

By default, International calling is disabled on your Reseller account. To have it activated, please send a request to the Control Tower. Once activated, it will be allowed for all the domains within your reseller account (you do not need to make additional requests for each domain).

Users with Voicemail PIN numbers 1234 or 123456 after 12/24 will have their dial permission set to US and Canada Only.  This policy is being implemented in our continuing effort against fraud prevention. 

Restricting International Calls

If international calling has been enabled for your Reseller account, these are the ways that you can restrict international calls at the Domain and User level:

  1. Set Domain default dial permission to 'US and Canada'. When a domain is created, you set the domain defaults that will be passed to each new User that you create within the domain. Among these is the default Dial Permission. It is highly recommended that you set this to 'US Only'. If you wish to enable it for individual users then you can do so in the User's profile.
  2. Set User's dial permission to 'US and Canada'. Each User has a profile that contains the dial permissions for that User. It is highly recommended that you set this to 'US Only' by default, and only allow international calling when specifically needed.

Monitoring Telco Usage

The system tracks the value of all PTSN termination calls made by each domain. You can view this usage from the Manage Telco page an widget of the Reseller Dashboard. You will also receive a daily usage summary showing the total PSTN usage for the day, broken down by domain. It is intended that resellers will use this facility to monitor for any unusual activity.

Fraud Alerts

We continually look at usage per customer for the past 8 weeks and generate a fraud score for each customer. If the fraud score exceeds a predetermined amount, it will trigger an alert. You will be notified by email of any alerts that trigger for domains within your Reseller account.

Here is the content of a sample fraud alert message:

CPM Variance
ASR Variance
ACD Variance
ACR Variance
ARR Variance
SCR Variance
DCR Variance
Barry Communications0.03 [+0]50% [+0]34.95 [+0]0.022901 [+0]0.015450 [+0]100% [+0]100% [+0]-93% [+0]44% [+0]2681% [+0]431462% [+100]23254% [+0]2% [+0]23% [+0]100

The metrics that the algorithm monitors are:
CPM: Cost per Minute
ASR: Avg Seizure rate
ACD: Avg Call Duration
ACR: Avg Call Rate
ARR: Avg Route Rate
SCR: Src Call Rate
DCR: Dest. Call Rate