The following shows the specific setup for a Switchvox PBX.

Switchvox PBX's cannot use registration on our platform without an FQDN (fully qualified domain name). Without an FQDN, IP Peering is the only option.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First, put the public IP address of the Switchvox as the name

This sets the origination and termination header matches on our platform. If this is not set then a 403 Forbidden will be in response to any invites.

  1. Enter the domain this trunk will be provisioned on ( the domain needs to be created beforehand)
  2. Set the IP information in the connectivity. We recommend the use of Static IP's for all trunks.
  3. Note that the Static IP address should be the same as the Name field on the trunk.

  4. Go ahead and add the trunk once this is completed
  5. Go back and "Edit" the trunk where we will need to update the Header Manipulation.

The header manipulation needs to contain the domain name the trunk belongs to. This modifies the headers to route properly through the rest of our platform.