The Time Frame Toggle feature can be enabled on individual users via Button Builder. The time frame toggle allows an individual user to enable and disable their own answering rules with a button on their phone. The phone button will show as a green when the answering rule is enabled, and red when the answering rule is disabled.

It is not currently possible to use this feature with Routing Users or secondary extensions. A user will only be able to toggle their own answering rules.

This functionality can only be set up by utilizing the Button Builder. Set up cannot be done through NDP.

Application-Aware BLF needs to be enabled per domain, once the feature is announced it will be enabled across the platform.

See this article for more information on Button Builder.

Setting up the Time Frame Toggle

In order to set up the Timeframe Toggle, the user must have multiple answering rules set up under their user account. You will need to remember the name of the Time Frame used for that answering rule. The answering rules will be enabled and disabled in their current position; in most situations, the Rule that you intend to Toggle should be at the top.

For this article, we will be toggling the 'Always' Timeframe on User 1000 from the screenshot below.

Inside of Button Builder for User 1000's phone, select Timeframe Toggle.

Once selected, you can Enter the name of a timeframe that belongs to this user; the field should autofill once you start to type.

Using the Timeframe Toggle

Once the configuration is synced with the phone, the phone will show a green BLF button when enabled.

When pressing the 'Day Night' button, a recording will play that says "Timeframe is disabled," and the button will turn Red. The status will also be reflected in the portal.

Pressing the 'Day Night' button again will result in a recording that says "Timeframe is enabled," and the button will turn Green.

You can also Enable or Disable the Timeframe from the Portal, the phone will show the Green or Red BLF accordingly.