Nag is a custom developed feature, and is a paid feature for the SkySwitch platform. Please contact your sales rep for more information to order.

Incurs a one-time reseller activation fee of $99
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Skyswitch implements a VMail Notify feature, whereby selected PBX users may be configured to receive repeated calls until all of the user's new voicemail messages, are read (i.e, either saved or deleted).

The following are sample use cases for this feature:

  • PBX Users who are out of office may forward their calls to a dedicated PBX User who will be nagged with alert calls until he or she is able to read all voicemails in the user's VM box.
  • A PBX User wants to get call reminders until he or she is able to read all voicemails in the user's VM box.

The Nag Settings page shows the list of PBX Users configured with nag rules:

The following steps describe how to configure users for VMail Notify:

Log in as reseller in Skyswitch Dashboard.

Go to Manage PBX > Nag Settings.

You will see a table of nag rules. This table may be empty if there are no existing nag rules.

Click Add Nag Rule button to define a new notification rule.

Interval range can be set from 15-60 minutes.

Click Edit icon to modify an existing notification rule.

Click the trash bin icon to delete a nag rule.

NAG User Configuration

If the user does not have an actual registered device to NAG, you can setup forwarding rules to NAG a different telephone number.  

NOTE:  If you forward to an off-net cell phone number, change the time out to 40 seconds to allow plenty of time for the carrier connection, or voice mail option. 

The offnet number will only receive a system notification a voicemail has been left.  They cannot listen to the actual message on the same call to the offnet number, but can dial back into the VM box for the NAG user to hear the messages and manage them remotely.