Domains set-up as Residential or Non-Residential (Business) have certain differences which are listed below.


Extension to Extension Calling

3 or 4 digit extension dialing is NOT enabled

3 or 4 digit extension dialing is enabled

Voice Mail

Standard. Basic voicemail with greeting and tone before a caller can leave a voicemail. No Voicemail forwarding.

Enhanced. Expanded voicemail that includes options - dialing another extension or leaving a voicemail, as well as Operator Forward (when enabled). Voicemail forwarding available.

Remote Voicemail Access

Requires setup by our support team.


Operator Forward


The domain can be configured to use Operator Forwarding, which enables users to set where a caller can be forwarded to, when the caller presses “0” during the voicemail greeting. The number forwarded to can be another user or to an outside line, but typically it will be forwarded to an Operator, hence the name. This feature is typically used on commercial domains.   Another example – “To reach me on my cell phone, press 0”



In the PBX portal, an option to build a personal contact list is available.

Presence Panel


Available by request




Changing the Domain type
  1. Go to  Manage PBX on your Reseller Dashboard

  2. Go to Domains 

  3. Edit Domain Settings either by:

    1. Clicking on the Edit button at the right of the domain name.

    2. Clicking on the domain name and then clicking on the Edit Settings button.

  4. Under the Residential drop-down menu choose either  Yes for Residential or  No for Non-Residential domain.

  5. Click the Save button to apply changes.

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