SMS alerts are available for when your Telco prepaid balance reaches a specified limit. To enable this alert, you must have at least one SMS capable number on-file with us. If you would like to use this feature, please provide one or more mobile phone numbers by email to with 'SMS Alerts' in the subject line.

How it works?

RESELLERS are notified via SMS once their prepaid balance drops below the threshold of the alert set within their Manage Telco portal.

How to add SMS alert telephone numbers to your account?

Please send an email to to edit or add SMS contact numbers for your account, include SMS Alerts in the subject line.

How to setup SMS alerts on your account?

SkySwitch BillCenter will notify you via email once the SMS numbers requested have been added or updated to your Manage Telco account.

To completed the setup, follow the steps below:

1) Within your SkySwitch Dashboard, enter the Manage Telco Portal

2) Under the Main Menu, click 'Add funds' to open the SkySwitch Auto Recharge panel

3) Under the Alerts menu, select 'SMS'

4) Click 'Create Alert' , add and save the balance amount threshold to trigger the notification.

NOTE: If you have at least one SMS enabled number on file with the Billing department we will automatically text you a 'Critical Balance' notice onetime when your prepaid balance goes below $4.50. Its highly recommended not to rely upon this single notice as your only prepaid low balance warning.