Local Number Portability (LNP) enables customers in the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico to port their existing telephone number/s (PSTN, VoIP or Mobile TN's) from one phone service provider to another. Skyswitch provides a portal to initiate the porting process.


  • We require a valid Letter of Authorization (LOA) with all port requests. No exceptions. The LOA form is available for download in your Dashboard.  It can be found in the Forms section in the drop-down menu under your profile avatar.
  • If at all possible, obtained a copy of the Customer Service Record (CSR), from the losing carrier for the customer. This is highly recommended to ensure a successful port.
  • Does your customer have a distinctive ring, a PIC Freeze or a carrier change restriction on their account? If yes, these MUST be removed before entering a port request.
  • Have you obtained a copy of the customer's telephone bill that is 30 days old or less? If you do not have a CSR, then this is very helpful to accurately submit the port request.
  • Are you requesting a Full Port (all the TN's on the account) or Partial Port (some of the TN's on the account)? For Partial Ports, if the BTN (Billing Telephone Number) is one of the numbers being ported, then a remaining number will have to be identified to become the new BTN.
  • Are any of the numbers associated with DSL, Internet Line or special services? If you port a number that has any packaged services, we need to know if the customer wants to keep those services or cancel them.
  • All TN's requested to be ported must be active at the time of the port. Do not let the customer cancel any telephone number/s before the port.
  • Are there any Toll-Free Numbers to be ported? We require a signed RESPORG (Responsible Organization) form with the Toll-Free Number port request. The RESPORG form is available for download on your Dashboard under Forms.
  • After the port has been completed, please ask your customer to contact the losing carrier to confirm services have been disconnected and billing stopped.

Port Order Generation

All ports must be initiated thru the Port Order Submission Form which is accessible thru the Manage DID portal by clicking the ‘Create Port Request’ menu button on the left side of the page within the Resellers Dashmanager portal.

Listed below are the Port Submission Form fields and description:

Field Title ( * Indicates a required field


E-Mail Address*

This should be a valid email address registered in SkySwitch's ticketing system.

Requested Date

Best effort Port date

Port Trigger

Activation time is restricted to 30 min increments between 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM EST, Monday thru Friday. (excluding holidays).

Location Type*

Business or Residential

Authorized Person*

Authorized Signer of LOA

Company Name

In order of preference, use the name listed on 1) CSR, 2) Bill Copy, 3) LOA


Enter the Account Telephone Number (ATN) or Billing Telephone Number (BTN) from the phone bill

Account Number

Enter if different from the ATN/BTN (From Bill Copy)

Service Address*

Full Address of numbers requesting to be ported.

Port Type*

Full or Partial


If applicable, a number used to replace existing BTN/ATN.

(Numbers to be ported)

List Numbers to be ported (15 or less) - TF & Fax should be included

15 numbers or less - Separate multiple numbers with a return or comma

(Numbers to be ported)

Bulk upload (16 or more numbers)

File Extension types accepted - .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt

Does this order include a Fax Line?

No or Yes

Fax Line Number

10 Digit number

Fax Delivery Type

Instant Fax ATA / Instant Fax Portal / SIP ATA

Directory Listing Requested*

No or Yes

(If Yes)

Directory Listing Number

Enter the ten-digit number to be used for Directory Listing.

(If Yes)

Directory Listing Value

Enter the name for Directory Listing. The service address submitted will be used unless otherwise instructed in the comments section.

CNAM Storage*

No or Yes

(If Yes)

CNAM Number

Enter the ten-digit number to be used for Outbound CNAM.

(If Yes)

CNAM Storage Value

Enter the name for CNAM Storage (15 character limit)


Anything else we should know? Does this account have a PIN? If so, add it here.

Once a reseller submits the Port Order form two events occur:

  1. A new ticket is generated in the RT ‘Ports’ queue for tracking.
  2. The Reseller is sent an automated response with additional instructions and information for completing the port order process. This informs the reseller of the information required for a port order to meet the minimum submission requirements.

Uploading Porting Documents

LOA and Resporg forms are mandatory documents for every port request. The LNP team will not process the port request without the signed forms. To upload the forms on the LNP request, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to the reseller’s dashboard.
  2. Under the profile menu, click on the “Tickets” option
  3. Within the associated LNP ticket, click on the basics tab and upload the necessary documents to LNP forms

Things to remember when completing the forms:

LOA Form:

  1. Make sure to include the PIN or the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number (SSN) when porting a wireless number.
  2. For partial ports, identify a “new BTN” if you are porting the BTN and if there are numbers or services that will be left behind

Resporg Form:

  1. The New RESPORG ID should be AUC72.
  2. There should be no other Resporg ID that should be reflected on the form as this will create confusion to our carrier and avoid porting the number to the wrong Resporg ID.
  3. Wet/Electronic signature is allowed. Typed signature/name will not be accepted by our carrier.
  4. The authorized name should be indicated in the form and not just the signature.

Forms should be signed by the authorized person within the last 30 days. Make sure that the submitted form is clear and if it is handwritten, it should be legible.

Processing Time

Port Type

Time Frame

1. Expedited Ports*

within 3 business days

2. Standard Ports (1-10 TNs)

5-10 business days

3. Bulk Ports (less than 100 TNs)**

7-15 business days

4. Project Ports (more than 100 TNs) ***

3-4 weeks

5. Canadian Ports

10-15 business days

6. Toll-Free

5-7 business days

*Expedited Ports - Expedites are on a limited availability basis depending on if the losing carrier supports expedite orders.

**Bulk port orders - All TNs must be on the same LSR (local service record).

***Project ports - These are typically for a large quantity of TNs, across same or multiple customers service records. 

Points to consider:

  1. Ports are dependent on the correct information provided as well as the first available date the losing carrier will grant. Discrepancies in the information submitted will cause a delay in the porting process.
  2. Any changes made to the LNP order restarts the submission process with the losing carrier.
  3. Carriers do not allow adding and removing numbers. The order will need to be canceled and resubmitted with the new information.

Porting Time

Activation time is restricted from 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM EST from Monday to Friday only (excluding holidays). In case there is an urgent need to port beyond the activation time, resellers can make a special request. Indicate in the comments section of the LNP request form and the LNP team will advise accordingly if the desired port date/time is feasible or not.

Please note that after-hours triggers are dangerous if we run into problems and are in need of escalation, good chance you will not get help until the next business day.

Expedite Ports

Expedite request is considered best effort and requires the cooperation of the losing carrier. Please note that some losing carriers do not cater to expedite requests. Please refer to your MSA for expedite fees. To make an expedite request, please state your request in the comments section of your LNP request or communicated the same thru an existing LNP ticket.

Project Ports

Resellers porting numbers under one customer but with different information or accounts will qualify as a Project port. This usually take 2-3 days to process and 3-4 weeks to be completed.

Criteria for project ports:

  1. More than 100 TNs
  2. Multiple accounts
  3. Different losing carrier*
  4. Different porting information

*The LNP team has the ability to determine the losing carrier for the numbers porting.

Requirements for project ports:

  • Bulk port template - lists all the numbers and porting information
  • Blanket LOA (must be signed)
  • Recent bill copy (must include all the numbers porting)
  • CSR*

*CSR is not a mandatory requirement for port requests but it is an important document to help the LNP team determine how to group the accounts and TN’s with an LSR. Providing the correct information is essential to get an FOC on the desired date. 

Default LNP activation times:

10:00 AM EST or 11:30 AM EST for DIDs

12:00 PM EST for Toll-Free numbers

Port Triggering

In some markets, SkySwitch is capable of triggering ports at a scheduled date and time. Please notate in the 'comments' section of the LNP request the port trigger requirement with a date and time. The LNP team will verify and advise resellers through the port request if this is possible or not. Requests for port triggering after order submission may not be possible without restarting the port order process.

Port Trigger Window:

Activation time is restricted to 30 min increments between 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM EST, Monday thru Friday. (excluding holidays). Additional fees of $1 per TN apply for port triggering.

Carrier Pending Status

After processing the LNP request, resellers will be provided with an order ID or PON as a reference. Orders usually take about 3 days to get an update giving the losing carriers time to respond to the port request. In the event that the request has no update or still in pending status after 3 days, the order will be escalated to the carrier for an update.

Please note that any changes in the submitted information will move the RDD to the next first available date. Adding or removing numbers due to rejection will cause the order to be canceled and reprocessed.

Common Rejections

Rejection: TN disconnected or inactive

  • Description: The losing carrier has deactivated the number.
  • ResolutionThe end-user will need to contact the losing carrier to have the numbers reactivated. Only active telephone numbers assigned to end users can be ported.

Rejection: TN not found on Account

  • Description: One or more of the telephone numbers on the order is either disconnected or is no longer part of the account with the losing carrier and end-user.
  • Resolution: The end-user will need to contact their current carrier to resolve or provide a recent bill copy reflecting only the active numbers in the account.

Rejection: Name mismatch

  • Description: The End User Name submitted does not match what is listed on the records of the losing carrier.
  • Resolution: The end-user will need to contact the losing carrier to get the correct information.

Rejection: Address mismatch

  • Description: The Service Address submitted does not match what is listed on the records of the losing carrier.
  • Resolution: The end-user will need to contact the losing carrier to get the correct information.

Rejection: Pending order on the account

  • Description: A port request has one or more TNs with another order in process. A pending order can also be any changes made (adding or disconnecting features or name/address change, etc.) on the number.
  • Resolution: The end-user will need to reach out to the losing carrier and advise them to cancel any pending orders on the account.

FOC (Firm Order Confirmation)

The LNP Team will advise the resellers of the confirmed FOC date and time in the port ticket. Upon receiving FOC, the numbers will be loaded in the reservation tab for purchase and routing. Once the numbers are purchased they will be visible in the reseller's Inventory.

For TF numbers, the resellers will be informed once the numbers have been released to our Resporg. The Toll-free number will activate on the requested port date or earlier as requested. If the requested port date has already passed, the Toll-free number can be activated on the date it was released or upon request.

On the day of the FOC, the LNP team will inform the resellers through their port ticket once the number/s has activated. Please allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for the port to fully propagate and for us to complete our internal testing.

Residual Routing

Residual routing left behind in a losing carrier's network is a common aftereffect of LNP process. It happens when the losing carrier of a newly ported out TN does not remove the TN from their On-Net routing tables in their network. This causes On-Net calls originating on their network to fail when the caller is calling the newly ported TN (located Off-net). In essence, calls originating on their network need to be routed out to the public telephone network for termination. This can be confirmed by calls from all other networks are reaching the customers newly ported TN successfully. Be aware, residual routing problems can be system-wide or limited to specific regions. Having your customer contact the losing carrier to confirm services have been disconnected and billing stopped typically fixes this problem.

Processing Outbound CNAM/DL

After all TN’s on an order has activated, the LNP team will process Outbound CNAM/DLrequests as indicated in the LNP request form. CNAM will be updated within 48 to 72 hours from the date it was submitted. DL usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to be updated.

Please note that we do not process Outbound CNAM/DL for Toll Free and or Canadian numbers. See the following article for Outbound Canada CNAM.

For common porting questions, please refer to our LNP FAQ's here!