Caution: SkySwitch will use the following email addresses to send you notifications and system updates. Please add them to your spam filter whitelist.
Email Address
Purpose Email from this address is from our trouble ticketing system. All ticket updates will come from this address. This is the address used to send important notifications regarding system and network events. It is mailing list hosted by Google Groups. This email address will be used to send you updates on LNP status. This address is used by our CRM system to schedule appointments and for other for non-technical correspondence.

If you subscribe to be notified about updates from the Reseller Discussion forum (available from the Dashboard), emails will come from this address. Notifications regarding your prepaid telco balance and fraud alerts will come from this address. SkySwitch Instant Fax notifications will come from fro this address This email is used to send your monthly account statement and other billing related material.