BYOT (Bring Your Own Telco)

BYOT Request Form

To request Interop with your own carrier for Origination or Termination


SMS Letter of Agency

This is required for all SkySwitch Resellers who choose to activate SMS messaging services with SkySwitch.  

Note: that SMS with BYOT is supported on a best-effort basis.

LNP & Toll-Free RespOrg

All LNP order requests must be initiated thru your SkySwitch DashManager Portal for LNP ticket creation, tracking, and assignment.

Upon completing the following form, please upload this form and a recent bill copy, within the last 45 days, to your assigned LNP ticket. Your bill copy should include Current Service Provider's Name, Customer's Name, Phone Number(s), Billing Address, and Account Number. If you are porting multiple numbers, please be sure to include the summary page of your bill copy which displays each number on your account.

Once your port request has been submitted, it will take between 5 (5) and forty-five (45) days to complete the process. Please list the telephone numbers that you would like to port below (NPA-NXX-XXXX). For questions about porting, please contact Skyswitch at 1.747.777.8102, Option 8 or email

LOA Forms (DIDs Only)

SkySwitch Reseller LOA

LOA - For Reseller Branding

Bulk or Project Port Submission Form

This is to be used when submitting a port request with different end-customer account information.   Please complete and submit this form with your LNP request.

SkySwitch_Bulk Port LNP Template_V4.xlsx

Toll-Free RespOrg Forms (Toll-Free Numbers Only)



Complete this form to port Toll-Free Number's. If you use your own RespOrg Form it must list SkySwitch's Toll-Free RespOrg ID: AUC72

For more information on Porting Numbers see our Local Number Porting Guide.

Directory Listing and Outbound CNAM Order

Complete this form if you would like to have your phone numbers listed with directory information services (411). There is a one-time $7 charge associated with Directory Listing.

e-Check Authorization Form

Use this form if you would like us to use ACH as a payment method on your account.