To brand the portal for your SMS Responder please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your reseller dashboard.

  2. Click on Reseller Settings under your profile menu. (Note: Only available to Company Admins.)
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  1. Click on the Branding section.

  1. Go to SMS Responder Login in the Navigation menu on the left side of the page.

  2. Fill in the following information

    1. Custom SMS Domain - Note: May need a CNAME record pointing to (ie

    2. Title

    3. Login Box Position

    4. Screen Background

      1. No Background – default to white plain color

      2. Color – input a hex value or use color picker tool

      3. Image – upload image using .jpg format

    5. Login Box Background Color

    6. Login Box Border Color

    7. Login Box Text Color 

    8. Button Color

    9. Button Text Color

  3. Click on the Update button  to apply the changes.

  4. Click on Upload Favicon and provide a favicon which will appear on the left part of the browser tab. (Recommended size is 16x16 px using .png picture file format)

  5. Click on Upload Logo and provide a logo which will appear inside the login module. (Recommended size is 400x200 px using .png picture file format)

  6. Click on  or the trash icon, then click Remove Logo or Remove Favicon to remove the respective image. 

  7. To check the changes made, go to your declared Custom SMS domain.

Removing the Custom Site

After creating the custom site there will appear at the bottom a Delete Custom Site button   that will remove the whole custom site.