It is possible to replace the idle screen on Polycom phones with the image of your choice, using the following override parameters in the SkySwitch Provisioning Server:

Parameters for Polycom VVX Phones




Parameters for Polycom Soundpoint Phones""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Note that”” would display yourlogo.bmp on all platforms

You must host your logo images on your own server, and the images must match the size of the device screen or they will not display properly.
Logos smaller than described in the table below are acceptable, but larger logos may be truncated or interfere with other areas of the user interface. (ie. You might see the logo in the background popping out the sides of menus when browsing through menus or while on calls)
The SoundPoint IP501/600/601 phones only support four colors black, grey, light gray and white. Any other colors will be approximated.
The SoundPoint IP550/560/650 phones support a 4-bit grayscale, which is a smooth gradient from black (0,0,0) to white (FF,FF,FF).
The SoundStation IP 4000 phone only supports black and white. Any other colors will be rendered as either white or black

Soundpoint image files should be saved as BMP format: Windows, 4BPP (or 16 color), Uncompressed (No RLE). For consistency you should save all the files as 4BPP/16 color.

The resulting image will appear similar to this (as seen on a Polycom VVX 500).