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If your not already a SkySwitch University member, create an account here!

Branding for the SkySwitch Meeting Manager application Portal consists of the following components.  After After you have identified all items, please send a single email containing all of the items that are required by SkySwitch to the instructions below and gathered the necessary requirements, please click on and complete this form:

Branding the Meeting Manager Portal Form


ItemDescriptionRequired by SkySwitchAction to be taken by Reseller
URL for Landing Page

This is the URL that attendees will visit to join a meeting.


YesSSL certificate is required to secure the meeting landing page. Create a DNS A Record for the URL domain pointing to
URL for Meeting Invitations

This is the URL that the app will use when sending invitations. It must be different from the URL for the Landing Page.


NoCreate a DNS A Record for the URL domain pointing to, then enter this URL into the Dashboard when configuring Meeting Manager for a domain. See example below.
Logo for Landing PageThis is the logo that will be displayed on the Landing Page. We suggest a  logo file that will work well against a white background.  Transparent logo files typically work best.  Optimal size for this image file is 400 px width  x 200 px height.YesSend this to SkySwitch Support
Hex Code for Landing Page ButtonThis is the hex code color for the Submit button on the Landing PageYesSend this to SkySwitch Support