Meeting Manager Branding
Will SkySwitch work with Alarm panels?
What ports will I possibly need to open in my customer's firewall?
Will calls go to voicemail by default after the specified ring timeout?
Is there a report that will tell me what DIDs are available (i.e. what DIDs are not in use)?
What are the Voicemail DTMF options available?
Does SkySwitch support Call Card Features?
TRS (Telecommunications Relay Service)
How do Zero Touch Provisioning Servers Work?
What web browser do you suggest?
What is MTU?
What do I do if the device's time/date is not correct?
Can I do video calls on SkySwitch with a Yealink T58V, Polycom VVX 1500 or other video phones?
What is SIP ALG and should it be on or off?
What does UDP Timeout mean?
Why can't my phone register when using OpenDNS?
Soft Phone Options
Can I let other people access my account without sharing my password?
Can the "your call is being transferred" prompt be disabled?
What SkySwitch features are not supported under BYOT?
Why does it say mailbox full but there is no voicemail?
How do I enable international calls?
How do I Route a DID to Fax?
Feature Requests with SkySwitch
Can we set Multiple Fax ATAs to Use the Same Outbound Caller ID?
Is there a report on Fax Numbers / DIDs?
How do I find unrouted Numbers / DIDs?
Why is there an alternative device model, with a UC6 suffix, on the Polycom VVX 250, 301, 311, 350, 401, 411, 450, 501, and 601
What is Max File Size and Length (Duration) for Portal Uploads?
How do I handle calls from suspected spoofed DIDs?