Need help setting up your S3 bucket? Please follow the instructions here.

To Access Call Recordings using the Amazon S3 Web Interface

When you log into the Amazon AWS control panel, select S3 from the available services, and drill down through the directory structure until you see your domains.
You can drill down into the domain to see recordings segregated by Year, Month and Day.

To Access Call Recordings with CyberDuck

  1. Download CyberDuck (there is a version for OS X and Windows)
  2. Install CyberDuck
  3. Launch CyberDuck 
  4. Open Connection

  5. Select “S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service)” and enter the “Access Key ID” and "Secret Access Key” from your Amazon S3 account. Under “More Options” enter the Path linking to the domain you wish to access.
  6. Press connect and then you can select the year, month, and day of all stored recordings by navigating the folders. File naming is based on the Call ID (SIP Header) for the call.
  7. Once you have selected a day scroll to the bottom of the page and open the Inventory.csv file. This file maps out all of the recordings in the page. See the sample image below. You can copy from this inventory file and paste into the CyberDuck window to search.

Calls will not be archived to your Bucket if there is an issue connecting to your bucket for reasons such as failure to pay your AWS bill, or a change in your bucket user credentials. Calls will still be recorded and stored on our platform but will be removed after our storage period ends. It is not possible to re-archive recordings that failed due to an error.