SkySwitch supports current model Yealink, Polycom, and Vtech Phones. Please note that we can only offer limited support for EOL (End of Life) equipment.

We will offer limited Support for Grandstream GXP-21XX, Cisco SPA, Cyberdata, and Snom Devices. For all other phones and equipment, we only provide registration support on a best effort basis. Resellers should be prepared to engage with the manufacturer's support or one of their certified vendors if additional assistance is needed.

Interop Support: For phone equipment not listed in NDP; you may request interop support by a SkySwitch technician. This will be on a best effort basis, and NDP support may be limited. If you are given the option to do this, please allow 4-6 weeks for the interop to take place. Priority interop support is available for $125 an hour. Please contact Support for more information.
Caution: Resellers removing or disconnecting services of customers from a third party services provider are not considered to be a 'SkySwitch - Out of Service' customer entitled to escalation or after-hours support. All new Installs should be planned and bench tested by the reseller if the equipment or environment is unfamiliar to the reseller for activation of any new SkySwitch Services. For new install support tickets requiring after-hours support or priority handling requested by the Reseller, a billable support rate of $125.00 per hour will be charged, with a one-hour minimum.