Product templates are used for fixed monthly recurring charges that are provisioned for a customer to allow simple recurring billing of the fixed portion of their invoice.  Product templates can also be used for non-recurring (one off) charges. 


Adding a Product Template

  • Click Product Templates

  • Click on the ‘+’ button












  • Fill out the product details. 


  • Fill out Charge Details and click add charge

  • Click the ‘Save’ button. 



Product Template Details


Product code – a unique code to identify product templates and products assigned to customres.

  • Must match supplier for E-bill use and products in Connectwise Integration where applicable.

Product Label

Product description shown on invoice.


Can be selected from the drop down list if a supplier is applicable (optional)

In Advance Settings

The date range a charge should cover on the invoice e.g. for February dates on invoice would be:

  • Current Month dates would be for February
  • One Month in Arrears would be for January
  • One Month in Advance would be for March

Product Category

Can be set up under Settings > Product Categories and used to group Product Templates into groups or categories.  Used for filtering and reports. (optional)


Is required when a product template relates to a “plan” or “bundle” for a particular service and the plan requires tracking of a certain limit of data that requires overage calculations when these limits are exceeded e.g. 1000 minutes or 50GB.  If the bundle does not exist in the drop down list contact Datagate Support to configure the bundle.


If the product template does not relate to a bundle leave this blank.


Note: For Unlimited bundles, these are configured in the rate card using a $0.00 rate.

GL Code

Configured in Settings > GL Codes.  Can be defined under settings and applied to products.     (optional)

Tax Code

Must be configured for US resellers based on the tax integration that is configured. For non US reseller portals this is not required.

Product Kit


Cost Centre

Can capture a cost centre or department against a product (optional)

Internal Notes

Notes field to capture additional notes for the product (optional).



Charge Details      


Label the charge, for monthly recurring charges label as “Monthly Recurring Charge” for example.


Free text description in addition to name

Charge Model 

Type of charge:

  • Unit Charge –sell price or dollar value to be multiplied by the quantity selected.
  • Discount / Fixed Amount – discount dollar value to be applied to the invoice (this reduces the product value included in the unit charge).
  • Discount / Percentage Amount – this is a percentage of the product value.

Apply Discount To

User has the ability to choose if the discount value or percentage applies to ALL customer products (so discount on all products) or the product only that the discount has been applied to.

Cost, Sell, Qty

Appears when charge model = per unit rate.  Enter cost (optional – make 0 if no cost required), Sell Price = unit rate to be multiplied by quantity and quantity to be charged and appear on invoice.


Appears when Discount / Fixed Amount is chosen.     Enter dollar value to be applied as discount.

Amount Percentage

Appears when Discount / Percentage Amount – enter the percentage applied as a discount. Enter as a decimal i.e. 10% enter as 0.10





Adding Product by Customer

  • Select the customer you want to add a product to.


  • Click the ‘Products’ tab.
  • Click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Add Product’


  • Select the Product Template from the drop down menu and click ‘Save’ to finish.