Extracting and Preparing Import File

  1. In the Portal go to Global then Import and select Service Items as the data you want to import.


  1. Click next and then download the template. 
  2. Then fill out the template with the service item data 
    1. Need to have a separate spreadsheet for each Customer and Service Type 
      1. i.e. Customer Andy Autos and Service Type Tolls would be one import template for this customers Toll service items.
      2. If Andy Autos has other service types they would have another spreadsheet for those service types also e.g. if they had Tolls and Tollfree service items there would be two spreadsheets for Andy Autos service items split by service type.
    2. Make sure to use the format YYYY-MM-DD for Start Date and End Date



  1. Save the template


To Import Service Items

  1. From Import Page below                                                                                                                                              a. Please select a Service                                                                                                                                                              b. Please select a Customer                                                                                                                                   c. Update Existing Customers – choose one of the following                                                                                                 i. Update – if customers already exist in the portal and updating existing customer records                       ii. Ignore – to ignore existing records that are already in the portal                                                    d. Then import the file by pressing choose file and select the file to import                                                          e. Click Next                                                                                        

2. Double check that these are the correct columns in the file

3. Click next and start the import

4. Once the import has finished click on the Customers tab and then Service Items

5. Confirm that the Service Items have been imported