A central page for Fax ATAs that shows their status and a button to reboot remotely can be accessed thru your Reseller Dashmanager.  The Fax ATA page link is in the drop-down menu under Manage PBX.

Note: If Fax ATA is not available in the drop-down menu simply contact SkySwitch Support to request that this menu item be added to your Reseller Dashmanager.

The Fax ATA page will show the columns for MAC Address, Phone Number, Deliver Offline status, Status, and Actions buttons (Get Status and Reboot) for your Fax ATAs.

Note: Fax Logs are not visible in the Dashmanager but you may contact support to have logs checked for any issues that may arise.

The Deliver Offline column will show either:

  • Yes - Incoming faxes for when the Fax ATA is offline will be queued in the portal and will attempt to deliver them when it becomes online.

  • No - Incoming faxes will receive an error and not be queued in the portal.

The Status column will initially show the message ‘Click button to refresh status’.  If you click on the Get Status button in the Actions column this message will be replaced to show the current status of the Fax ATA, which is either ‘online’ or ‘offline’.

There is also a Reboot button under the Actions column to remotely reboot the Fax ATA.