This document discusses the steps on how to configure the routing of SMS for a DID and the various routing options. This configuration is available in the Manage Inventory section of the Manage DIDs tab from your Reseller Dashmanager.

Steps to Configure SMS Routing

  1. When opening the Manage Inventory section you may click on the SMS icon found in the Actions column for any number in your inventory to configure the routing settings for SMS.

  2. If the DID is NOT SMS enabled please read the article Enabling or Disabling the SMS or MMS for a DID before proceeding with the next step. 

  3. You will find in the Assign To section a dropdown menu containing the various routing options with which to use.

    (Each option is further described below)

  4. After completing the configuration be sure to click on the Save icon  to save the configuration.

  5. After choosing an option in the previous step, new sections will appear:

    1. Share To - This will enable the sharing of the SMS DID to other users which will give the ability to those users to reply with the shared number as the source (or SMS Caller ID). Click on the Add Another User button to show the drop-down menu of the extension for the user to share to.
      To read more on this go to our article SMS Number Sharing.

    2. Send Copies of INBOUND Messages To - This is to set additional destinations for any incoming messages. Click on the Add Another Recipient button to show a drop-down menu where you can choose an option (Email, ReachUC User, or URL). The configuration of the option is similar to the Assign To section except that there is no option to choose a domain because it defaults to the same domain selected in the Assign To section.

    3. Send Copies of OUTBOUND Messages To - This is similar to the Inbound option above however it will apply to any message sent by the user assigned to the DID. Click on the Add Another Recipient button to show a drop-down menu where you can choose an option (Email, ReachUC User, or URL).

Note: Any of these settings can be deleted by using the Trashcan icon  on the right of each configuration.

Note: The ReachUC User set in the Assign To section will be able to send and receive SMS thru their account.  Any recipients for ReachUC User added in Send Copies To section will be able to receive SMS but note that replies will be sent using their own ReachUC account and not the original recipient's account.

Routing Options

Directory Bot

This is the option when using the DID for the SMS Directory Bot (Sallie) or SMS Responder Bot service.  To learn more about them and how to configure them you may go to their respective articles by opening the links below.

  • SMS Directory Bot (Sallie)

  • SMS Responder Bot 

Rocket Chat

Choose this option to configure the integration between Skyswitch SMS and Rocket.Chat. Provide the Rocket.Chat incoming webhook URL in the input box provided. More steps are discussed in the article How to Use Rocket.Chat and SkySwitch SMS Integration.


This option will route incoming messages for the DID as an email to the email address entered.  For the domain, it is best to choose the domain for the user who owns the DID.

Note that email recipients may reply to a message which will be sent as SMS but if there are pictures attached and/or part of the user’s signature, this will be sent as MMS. If MMS is not enabled for the DID, the reply will not be received. Related article:  Send an email to a RUC User.

ReachUC User

This will point the SMS to the user for a specified domain so that any incoming messages can be received on the ReachUC app where they are logged into with their PBX credentials.  To learn more you may go to or to SkySwitch ReachUC Docs.

Note that the user has to have logged in at least once to the ReachUC mobile app, ReachUC standalone desktop app, or WebRTC on your browser in order for it to appear in the dropdown list.


This can be any URL that can interpret the various parameters sent by SkySwitch. Services like IFTTT and Zapier can be configured to do this.

You can watch a video on how to Copy SMS Messages to a Google Spreadsheet with SkySwitch Business SMS and Zapier below.