This document discusses the steps on how to Enable/Disable the SMS and/or MMS for a DID. This process is available in the Manage Inventory section of the Manage DIDs tab from your Reseller Dashmanager.

Steps for Enabling SMS and/or MMS

  1. Under your Manage DIDs, open the Manage Inventory section and search for the DID you want to set up. On the right-hand side, click on the SMS icon found in the Actions column.

  2. Toggle the switches under SMS and/or MMS to enable the service for the DID.

    Please note that it may take 20 minutes up to an hour for the SMS/MMS to fully activate. If SMS is still not enabled after the said time frame, please open a ticket with Support. There are cases that the carrier needs to manually enable SMS/MMS for a DID.

  1. After enabling SMS an Eye icon will appear under Code.

  2. If you click on this you will see an Access Code which is used for activating the SMS service for the DID when the DID's PBX assignment is that of another user’s. For more information, visit the article: How to Enable Business SMS for a Phone Number on the ReachUC site.

  3. After Enabling you can now proceed to route the SMS which will appear under the Assigned To column. To know more about how and the various options for routing the SMS, read our article on SMS Routing Configuration and Options, which also discusses the Send Copies To section.

Steps for Disabling the SMS and/or MMS

  1. If needed you can delete configured routing settings under Assign To and Send Copies To section by clicking on the Trashcan icon beside each entry.

  1. Toggle the switch under SMS and/or MMS  to disable the service for the DID.