1.  Login into your Dashboard and open Billing Services under your Profile menu

  2. Move your mouse over the Customers tab to open t drop-down menu and choose Customer Wizard

  3. Click Next button (please leave first screen blank)

    1. Account Type: (choose one)

      1. Standard – account has only one location

      2. Parent – account has multiple locations that roll up into one bill

      3. Child – account is one of the locations that rolls up under a parent 

    2. Email: customer’s billing email

    3. Payment Terms: check box if you would like to give this client payment terms like Net10,15…

    4. Tax Status: check box if your client is tax exempt

  4. Click Next button  (fill out your customer’s name and billing address)

  5. Validation: check box to Override Validation (always)

  6. Click Next button  (this screen will show if there are any customer duplicates in your system)

A screenshot of a cell phone 
Description automatically generated

  1. Click Next button  (you’ll get a popup)

    1. Click on Reseller Services (always and only)

  2. Click Add on the Product section to add your products

    1. Items are listed by One Time/Recurring/Tax Codes

    2. To see the individual items click on the Plus icon to expand the list and check the boxes for items that you would like to bill.

    3. Click on the Add button to add the checked items to the list.

  3. After adding the items you will see them listed in the Products section where you can Edit or Remove them.

    1. To remove a product – just click Remove

    2. To change the description, quantity, or price – just click Edit

      1. For description change - Go to the  Details tab and put your new description in Wholesale Description space and click Save.

      2. For quantity or price change – Go to the Pricing tab and change your quantity and/or price and click Save.

  4. If nothing needs to be changed or removed then click on Save.

  5. Click Next

  6. Click Create Order

Your customer has been created successfully in Billing Services!