We are happy to inform you that our browser-based network performance & assessment tool is now available. Please visit:   http://npat.skyswitch.com

We hope to make this tool sufficiently intuitive so that it does not require any instructions to a user.

Web page Plugin Detection (required)

The tool requires a software plugin to be downloaded on first use.  The status of the plugin is indicated in the upper right-hand corner of the page.  

Select Region & Test Type
Email Results to your Support Team

After completing a successful test, the results can be sent to your support email if you have provided a support email address during the branding for NPAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions relating to our test and your results can be found here.  http://npat.skyswitch.com/faq

Glossary of Terms 

Some terms we use are not well known. So, here is a glossary to help you understand what they mean.   http://npat.skyswitch.com/glossary

Sample Route Test

Sample VoIP Test Results

Sample Speed Test Results

For instructions on how to brand NPAT go to
Branding Network Performance & Assessment Tool (NPAT)