Enabling or Disabling the routing of a DID can be done thru one of two locations:

  1. The Edit DID in Inventory Tab of the Manage PBX Portal

  2. The Edit Route in Manage Inventory page of the Manage DID Portal.

Both locations offer the same functionality, giving you the ability to Toggle a DID on or off, or selecting a future enable/disable date.

  1. Using the Toggle Switch - This will immediately Enable or Disable the DID

Manage PBX

Manage DID

(Note: Images above show Enabled position.)

  1. Using the Enable or Disable Date - You can choose dates to enable or disable or both for the DID by using the date picker dialog by clicking on the Calendar icon  and clicking on the date you would like to use. The chosen date will then appear in the box on the left of the icon. Take note of the following when using the Enable or Disable date:

    1. For the Enable Date, the DID will automatically be disabled from our end therefor note that it is important you leave the toggle switch as Enabled or else it will remain Disabled even after the Enable Date is reached.  Once the Enable Date is reached the DID will be enabled going forward.

    2. For the Disable Date, the DID will remain Active until the selected date.  On the Disable date, the DID will be disabled automatically.
      Warning: The Toggle Switch must be turned on or enabled for this to work.