1. Go to your customer profile page
  2. Scroll down to Billing & Collections section
  3. Click on Unposted tab
  4. If you would like to create your final bill with credits only, select all your unposted items and click Reverse Transactions. If you would like to bill some services with your credits on your final bill, leave services that you would like to bill, and Reverse Transaction that you would not like to bill.
  5. After you click on Reverse Transactions, you'll get a popup: Are you sure you want to reverse the selected transactions? -  click Yes 
  6. Make sure that your Unposted tab has no items left, or only items that you would like to bill
  7. Scroll down to Services & Activity section
  8. Click on drop-down for Services 
  9. Click on the hyperlink of your product 
  10. Click on Change Status tab 
  11. Change New Status to DISCONNECTED
  12. Change Effective Date to date when you would like to close your customer's account 
  13. Check Create Billing Adjustments box
  14. Click Submit

(If you would like to close your customer's account and create a final bill, repeat step 9-14 for all your services. Disconnecting all service on customer's account will set account to a Close status and move it to Closed Accounts tab in your customer search)

Final Bill

  1. Scroll up to Billing & Collections section
  2. Click on Unposted tab
  3. Select all your billing items and click Create Bill 
  4. Change your Due Date: (see below)
  5. Check box for Final Bill  (see below)
  6. Click on Create Bill (this will create a final bill on your closed customer's account)