Built around the TEP-1080 central processing unit, the Meeting Manager Huddle Room Solution allows you to convert any meeting room into a high-definition video conferencing center.   When combined with LCD displays, a SIP conference phone, USB webcam and bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse (all sold separately), this unit will power a high-quality video conferencing solution for small meeting and huddle rooms.   With an MSRP under $2,000 (depending on the type of conference phone chosen) this solution will rival systems costing more than twice as much. Participants outside of the conference room can join a web meeting or video conference using the Meeting Manager software client on Windows, Mac, Apple iOS or Android devices. 


The solution requires the following items which must be purchased separately:

  • TEP-1080
  • LCD screen or projector  (up to two can be connected)
  • SIP conference phone
  • 1080p Webcam
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse combo
  • Meeting Manager Meeting Room with Video Conferencing enabled
  • PBX User account with audio conferencing enabled

We recommend and have tested this solution with the following components


Step-by Step Guide to Setup the Meeting Manager Huddle Room Solution

Note:  It is assumed that you already have and existing conference phone registered to the PBX, and are able to host a meeting from the Meeting Manager client software.  If that is not the case, please complete that task first and then return to this guide. 

  1. Connect the included power supply to the TEP unit and plug into power receptacle (do not power on the TEP device yet)
  2. Connect TEP unit to an LCD Screen using an HDMI cable (not included)
  3. Connect the Logitech C930e webcam to one of the four USB ports on the TEP unit.
  4. Connect the USB bluetooth dongle from the Logitech K400 keyboard to one of the four USB ports on the TEP unit.
  5. Power on the device.  You should see the desktop of a Linux operating system on the LCD screen. Confirm that you can view and navigate the Linux desktop with the keyboard and mouse before proceeding to the next step..
  6. Connect the TEP unit to the network using CAT6 ethernet cable (not included).  Be aware that the onboard wifi capability of the TEP unit is NOT SUPPORTED in this application and should not be used.  Confirm that you are connected to the Internet by browsing to a website or pinging an FQDN from the terminal.
  7. The Meeting Manager client software should be visible on the desktop.   Select the option to host meeting and login using your PBX credentials. Note that the PBX Domain must have Meetings enabled and the PBX User hosting the meeting must have access to an audio conference bridge (either owned or dedicated).
  8. All audio for the conference will come from the SIP Conference Phone (there is no audio from the TEP unit or the TV).   Dial into the conference bridge that is associated with the PBX credentials that you used to host the meeting. 
  9. Note the Meeting ID at the top of the screen, and join the meeting from any PC, MAC or mobile device that has the Meeting Manager application installed.