For UI issues within Chrome, we may require a screen recording to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem accurately. The video will allow Support to confirm your issue, and escalate your video to our developers if necessary.

Note: See 'Support Ticket Details' for additional information on how to open a Support ticket in 'Getting Support'. This is the best practice for a timely resolution. A call trace is extremely helpful but a lot of times not enough information for us to replicate the problem.

Videos can be recorded in various methods and uploaded to our ticketing system or shared through a service like Dropbox or Google Drive. There is also all in one software available.


An all in one screen recording and sharing software that we recommend is Loom for Google Chrome. This chrome extension is free and will allow you to easily record your full screen or just the Web page you are viewing. You will also be able to share an automatically generated link to your video. After installing the extension from the link above you need to sign up by clicking on the Chrome Extension Menu.

After signing in Loom will walk you through how to easily record a video, with or without your webcam involved.

Once your video is recorded, the program will demonstrate how to share your video.

Share your recording with Support

Once your recording is complete, attach the video URL to the ticket body in an existing Support ticket or open a new Support ticket by emailing with the Support Ticket Details. Please also make sure to include a summary of the issue you are experiencing.

If your issue is related to Google Chrome, make sure to include your current Chrome Version. You can find this information by clicking on the settings button > 'Help' > 'About Google Chrome.'

You will find your Chrome version number on this page.