Phone Numbers that are not from SkySwitch will not be able to send or receive SMS from SkySwitch numbers unless they are entered into our system as BYOT and configured for SMS.

NOTE: Our ability to route SMS to SkySwitch's network for BYOT phone numbers is on a best effort basis through the Manage DID portal. A times our request to change the NNID for SMS routing to our gateway is rejected or unsuccessful. The solution for this type of experience is for the BYOT reseller to contact their voice provider and request the SMS NNID assignment be changed to SkySwitch's NNID.  For DIDs our NNID: 103193 and Toll Free Numbers: 103372.  

To enable SMS on non-SkySwitch numbers you will need to follow the steps outlined here:

  1. First upload the DID(s) as BYOT
  2. Search for the DID(s)
  3. Under the actions, select the SMS icon and route the DID(s)
    Note: Ignore the PBX routing and do not assign a domain/subscriber to the DID in order for calls to continue to work with the DID’s carrier. We will port over the SMS portion of the DID only through the API.
  4. Toggle the button to enable SMS/MMS
  5. Add an entitlement to the user as per this article:
    How to Manage Entitlements
Note: It would take 10 to 20 minutes for SMS provisioning to finish. In some cases, it's up to an hour. If after an hour and SMS is still not working please contact support.