Dialplate is a Windows softphone and Attendant Console Solution that can be purchased through the SkySwitch Store.  


Installing Dialplate is quick and easy with these 4 steps:

1. Download and Install the Dialplate software

Begin by downloading the Dialplate software using this link, Dialplate Installer, or download through the SkySwitch store and install the software. Remember to always use the current version of Dialplate that is supported. (As of Aug 22, this version is

You may enter your license for Dialplate or use it in Free Mode as shown in the screenshot below. 

NOTE:  Free Mode is limited to 2 Lines, 1 Account, 10 BLF,  no support for Advanced Voice Codecs and limited to 30 seconds call time for both inbound and outbound.

2.  Add a new device to the PBX User.  

Add a new device row to the PBX user, just like you would setup a manual or softphone.  Choose a prefix like "d" for example and click Add.   (Example 4705d)   

Do not choose a phone model and leave it as is with the option 'Select a Phone Model' showing.

3.  Add the license key information to the NDP & configure. 

Open the NDP, and choose the "ADD CONFIGURATION" option on the lower panel tools.

Then enter the license key in the MAC address window, and select "Dialplate Operator Console".  This information will be sent to you by email, following placing an order for this product from the SkySwitch store. 

Note:  The NDP license key should always begin with the numbers 99,  for a total of 12 alphanumeric key entry.  (Example 99abc123def4) 

Next Choose your Domain, then select the Subscriber's extension.  

This should be the same (4705d) as you setup in step 2 above.  

4.  Launch Dialplate ( or restart ) and begin using the product.  

You will need to enter the regular license key here then press 'Register'   (Example:  abc123def4)  

Developer's Configuration Guide

Dial Plate Configuration Manual

The Dialplate software may only be installed on one computer.  The MAC address is tied to the license so it cannot be transferred to a different user/machine later without assistance from Dialplate support.  info@dialplate.com