Bandwidth is an important consideration when using motion recording or especially continuous recording (business plans only). You will require sufficient upload bandwidth to ensure a constant stream of video data can be transferred from the camera to our cloud servers. 

The amount of bandwidth that you require will depend on the camera you use and the quality setting that you choose. If you've set up your camera using Auto-Setup and it's one of our supported camera types, then you can change the amount of bandwidth you are using by raising and lowering the "Quality" setting in the "Edit" camera properties.

Most cameras use a "variable bitrate" which allows them to minimize bandwidth usage when the picture is not too busy. In addition, the exact bandwidth consumed depends on the camera's encoding abilities, but the general guidelines are below.

Motion Recording:

Continuous Recording:

It's important to know the amount of Upload Bandwidth available to you on your camera's network. If you don't have enough bandwidth you will have issues uploading motion events as they are captured by your camera(s).

There is a way to determine your current amount - you'll need to go to and run the test.

Pay attention to your upload bandwidth specifically. For one camera, you'll want to have about 1Mbps of upload bandwidth to run at 720p quality. You'll need to multiply this by the number of cameras you would like to add. If you don't have enough bandwidth for your camera requirements you can try reducing the quality or you may need to consider discussing the issue with your Internet Service Provider.