The best way preferred way to add Hanwha Cameras is through our Camcommand Mobile App. However, some cameras may not be compatible. 

Mobile APP Configuration

You need to be in the same network to use this feature.

  • Login to the Camcommand Mobile app and add a camera. (refer to this link
  • Choose Hanwha Techwin from the list of cameras and select "Cameras Scan" to search your local network for cameras.                 


Make sure you are on the same network as the camera, otherwise scan will not work. If the scan comes up with no entries, try turning your mobile device WiFi off and on and try again.

If the camera is not compatible with the automatic set up, Click here for manual configuration.

  • Select a camera and  Enter your camera's password.
  1. You may need to change the Camera's default password. 
  2. If you select "Retry all failed cameras" you will then be able to select any camera with the same password.
  • Multiple functions are available from this portion of the setup
  • Select "Done" when you have completed adding cameras.

Your Hanwha camera will now appear in the list of your cameras.

Adding a Camera manually with port forwarding settings.
Before you start:
  • Update the camera's password
  • You will need to change the camera ports and forward both RTSP port and HTTP port.
  • Important: Change the deafault HTTP Port 80 of the camera to a different port number. You will need to log in to the camera to change the settings.
  • Make sure that you've port-forwarded your camera.

  • Toggle "Open SDK" to see the port forwarding option.

  • Input username and password and make sure that the External IP matches where the camera is connected to the network. 

External IP is automatically populated with your public IP. If you're setting up the camera from a different network enter the correct public IP of the camera. RSTP port and HTTP port needs to match with the camera setup.
  • Choose your desired configuration or leave default settings and press "Finish".

Your Hanwha camera is will now appear in the list of your cameras.