Before you start:

  • Update the camera's password.
  • Defualt IP is (change to DHCP once login).
  • You will need to change the camera ports and forward both RTSP port and HTTP port.
  • Important: Change the deafault HTTP Port 80 of the camera to a different port number. You will need to log in to the camera to change the settings.
  • Make sure that you've port-forwarded your camera.

Adding your HikVision Camera.

  • Input username and password and make sure that the External IP matches where the camera is connected to the network. 

External IP is automatically populated with your public IP. If you're setting up the camera from a different network enter the correct public IP of the camera.

  • Choose your desired configuration or leave default settings and press "Finish".

Your Hikvision camera will now appear in the list of your cameras.