Concept: There are several methods of adding an automatic BLF directory to be displayed on a device.  If the phone has an available button space, you can quickly fill those buttons with contacts from the user list.    Here are the options:

  • Fill Automatically
    • By First Name
    • By Last Name
    • By Extension
    • User Contacts
    • Local Only
    • Blank
  • Create your own directory - Directory Designer

How to create a custom directory with NDP Directory Designer

To create a custom directory, choose the Directory Designer option from the System Configuration menu from the "Manage NDP"area of the dashmanager. 

Select the Add Button then on the following screen choose a Directory Name, Choose an existing Domain, and you may also give it a description. 

Initially, you can insert the staff alphabetically, by extension,  as unused or none.   You can rearrange them later in "Modify Directory" steps. 

Once you save, you will be taken back to the Director Designer main screen.

You can then choose "Modify Directory" to see a visual representation of the buttons the system will display on the phone, in available spaces not used by other overrides.  Rearrange them as you like by dragging the user into different columns, or in the "unused" area. 

Press "Quick Save" to retain your arrangement.

Finally, return to the Devices & Phones view in the Manage NDP, and click on the row for "Directory" and choose your custom made list from the steps above. 

After selecting and saving the custom directory name, the Directory column will show that name.

Adding Addition Buttons to the Directory at a later time. 

You can also manually add more BLF buttons or speed dial buttons by choosing "Add User" from the Modify Directory option.  Turn off the presence for a speed dial, and this will be shown in grey when displayed.