Concept:   SkySwitch has integrated with 888 Voip to provide built into provisioning for our SkySwitch resellers with Yealink phones from our store.  In your order history, you will find the invoice including MAC address information for the devices that were ordered, and shipped to you, or the end user if desired. 

At this time, other device brands are not able to be provisioned with this method.  Please refer to this article for manual provisioning.


  1. First, build a domain where these phones will be used & provisioned.
  2. Then add the user(s) to the domain that will receive the Yealink phones or devices. 
  3. Do not "Add Phone Extension" when constructing the user The SkySwitch store will automatically add a device row including the MAC address to the user's phone tab, with the model information.  If you did this by mistake, remove those blank device row in the hardware tab before proceeding further.
  4. This process will also add the MAC address to the Yealink RPS server which already contains our SkySwitch provisioning URL.

Please watch the following video on the process. 

Configuration Steps

  1. Choose your MAC address from the list of ordered devices.
  2. Choose a Domain, you need to add this device.
  3. Assign a User to the device
  4. Press [PROVISION] to complete the process. 
  5. ( Repeat for more phones from your invoice) 

NOTE:  The person who placed the order is responsible to also provision the phones from their invoice. 

Choosing to use your own RPS Account

If you already have your own Yealink RPS account, you can integrate your SkySwitch store purchases with it instead of ours.  Please provide us with the following information by opening a support ticket or see the configuration steps below. 

  • Username:  
  • Password:  
  • XML-RPC: