Please note, we do not support this product, this configuration guide is here for informational purposes.

Setup a new device in the PBX, the Valcom VIP801a cannot be auto-provisioned, manual setup will be required.

Once you have the Proxy, Domain, Username, and Password you can start setting up your device.

In our example, we will use the following information.


Valcom Set Up

Download the Valcom IP Tool from here,

Once you've added your device and IP information to this tool, you'll then to go to the SIP Tab and set the following:

SIP ServersEnter the domain name here domain.resellerID.service
SecretInsert Password
RealmEnter the domain name here domain.resellerID.service
Outbound ProxyEnter your Outbound proxy
DescriptionAnything can go in this field, it has no effect on registration
Authentication NameEnter the Username