This article will explain the basics of what Zero Touch Provisioning Servers are and how they work. For more in-depth information such as ZTP security, please seek documentation from the brand's manufacturer. 

Examples of Zero Touch Servers are 'Polycom ZTP', 'Yealink RPS', and the 'VTech Redirect Server'.

What are they?

ZTP servers are an easy way for individual phones to get ahold of their provisioning server's address ( They are typically Servers controlled by the manufacturer that allows you to input a MAC Address and a provisioning server URL. ZTP Servers typically do not house the configuration file itself.

When the phone powers on, it will check-in with its manufacturers ZTP Server. If the MAC address exists on the ZTP Server the phone will automatically grab the provisioning link and attempt to pull its configuration file.

How does SkySwitch use ZTP Servers?

When you purchase a Yealink or Vtech device from the SkySwitch Store and you select the Provisioning option, we do an API Call to the ZTP Server after receiving the MAC address of the phone from the distributor. So when your customer gets the phone it will automatically reach out to The device information is also pushed the PBX and NDP so it can be easily configured in NDP.

What if my device is already on another ZTP Server?

This will require a ticket with the manufacturer, with proof that you are in possession of the device.

Are there other options to automatically get the provisioning URL?

Yes, DHCP Options, are a common way to point your phone to our provisioning server.

Can I get my own ZTP Server?

This will depend on the device manufacturer, you will need to get access directly from the manufacturer or from a distributor.