This article outlines how to add or remove a company manager as a user to your dashboard and how to request that a company manager have access rights changes or is moved up to have company admin rights in the dashboard.

Note: These options are only available for dashboard users with Company Admin access/rights.

Adding a Company Manager

Underneath your name, in the dashboard, locate "Reseller Settings".

To add a new company manager, select the "Add User" on the left side of the screen Under Manage Users.

Yellow areas marked above are typically finance or accounting. The green area is typically sales related and the rest is technical related areas.

When creating the new user, Select which Plugins, Widgets and Menus will be accessible. Items checked will be enabled for each Company Manager, and permissions can be set per user.

Use the Manage IP section to restrict access to certain IP addresses if desired. ( not required )
For example, if you wish for Company Managers to access the Dashboard only from a specific office location with IP address, enter this into the text input area.

After pressing Submit, you will receive an email notification (sample below). Please allow up to 1 business day for processing of your new user request.


Example Email

Dear Company Administrator,

A new User account for "testuser []" has been created in the SkySwitch Dashboard for SkySwitch Dashboard. This user's current status is "Pending Approval". Please allow us one business day to complete the setup for this user. You will be notified when this account is ready for use.

Thank you,

SkySwitch Support

Modifying Company Manager Access 

Making changes to a company manager check marks AFTER the original setup has been completed, may require additional credentials issued from support.  If you believe changes you have made to the check marks have not resulted in a change to the user's portal access, please contact, or open up a support ticket to verify the desired access needed.

Upgrading a User to Company Admin

A company admin will have access to all plugins, widgets, and menus in the dashboard. If you wish to upgrade an existing user to be given company admin privileges then please contact, or open up a support ticket with the request, indicating the user whose access you would like upgraded.

Removing a Company Manager

To remove a company manager please contact, or open up a support ticket indicating the user/s whose access to dashboard you would like removed.

Note: You may uncheck the access to plugins, widgets, and menus for the user but this will still leave the user able to login to the dashboard.  However, you may reset the password for the user to prevent login by opening the Reset Password tab typing in a new password and pressing the Update button.