CONCEPT: The SMS Responder Bot is an enhanced version of the SMS Directory Bot that allows users to program automatic responses to SMS messages. The application works with keywords. Upon receiving an SMS message with a specified keyword, the Responder Bot will send an automatic reply with a pre-configured message or picture
SMS Responder BOT is priced per User assigned witin a Domain and the number of keywords configured.  Please contact your sale representative for pricing details:

To use the SMS Responder Bot, follow these steps:

1. Route a DID to the Responder Bot.

In order to use the SMS Responder Bot application, you must route the SMS service for at least one DID. This can be done in the Manage DID portal with the following steps:

a. Select a DID and Manage the SMS Service

b. If SMS has not been enabled, then click the control to do so. Note that it can take up to 1 hour for SMS to be fully provisioned. The status will say "pending" while the SMS service is not yet provisioned. When SMS is enabled, proceed to Step "c".

Note: SMS enabled DIDs will be charged as stated in your MSA.

c. Route the SMS to the SMS Responder application by:

(1) selecting the Directory Bot option in the drop-down selector beneath the Assignment section;
(2) selecting the appropriate domain for the service to be associated with; and
(3) clicking the Save icon.

2. Create an Entitlement for the SMS Responder

To create an Entitlement, select the "Entitlements" menu option from the User menu in the SkySwitch dashboard.

Select the SMS Auto Responder option from the drop-down selector of Offerings.

Select the Domain and Subscriber to receive the Entitlement. From the Entitlement drop-down selector choose from Responder Bot 10, Responder Bot 50 and Responder Bot Unlimited and click the "Apply" button.

SMS Responder BOT is priced per User assigned witin a Domain and the number of keywords configured.  Keyword configuration options are 20 keywords, 50 keywords and Unlimited Keywords.   Please contact your sale representative for pricing details:

3. Login to the SMS Responder UI

a. As a Reseller, you can access the SMS Responder UI from the Dashboard.

MISSING SMS RESPONDER?   If you do not have this option available in your Dashboard, please ask the Control Tower to add it for you: 

b. As a PBX User with the Office Manager scope, login to the SMS Responder portal at: 

A guide to Branding the SMS Responder Portal is available for reading. Only PBX Users with the Office Manager scope and Responder Bot Entitlement will be able to login to this portal.

PBX Users with the Office Manager scope and the SMS Responder Entitlement will be able to view and configure any DID that has been SMS routed to their PBX Domain.

PBX Users with the Basic User scope and the SMS Responder Entitlement will be able to view and configure only the DIDs for which they receive voice calls.

If a user is unable to login to this UI, it is likely because they do not have the correct PBX User Scope and Entitlement.

4. Configure a Default Response

After the SMS service has been routed to the responder bot, and the Entitlement has been granted, you can configure the Default Response. This is the text that the responder bot will send as a reply if there are no matching keywords or name matches in the PBX Company Directory.

a. From the left-side menu, select the SMS Enabled DID to be configured. Note that you will only see DID that have been both (1) SMS Enabled and (2) Routed to the SMS Bot, as described in the earlier steps.

b. In the space below the label "Default response" enter the text you wish to use for the default response and click Submit button to save the settings.

5. (Optional) Enable PBX Directory Query

Under the Default Response is the PBX Directory toggle switch which is disabled by default but may be turned on if preferred.

6. Configure the SMS Responder Keywords

After a DID is selected you can add keywords. initially, you will see an empty Table of Keywords.

The item marked '1' in the image above shows the number of keywords that can be configured under the user's Entitlement.

To add a new keyword, click the 'New Keyword' button that is marked "2' in the image above.

The image below shows a new keyword of "address" (marked '1' in the image below) with a reply of "Our address is 123 Main Street, Pleasantville, New Jersey" (marked '2' in the image below). The bot will send this reply anytime it receives an SMS message containing the keyword.

Replies can also contain images. To add an image, insert it using the file picker marked '3' in the image above. Note that replies containing an image will be sent as MMS messages.  Many SMS capable devices and services do not support MMS.

After the new keyword is added, you will see it in the keyword table.

7. Testing the SMS Responder

To test the SMS Responder, simply send an SMS message to the DID that you configured. You should receive the default response that you configured in Step 2 above.

8. Sending SMS Messages

It is possible to send SMS messages from the SMS Responder UI by selecting the Send SMS tab then click on the New Message button.

Enter the 11 digit numbers of the recipients (Maximum of 50). Type in your message and click the Send button  to send the message.