Dialplate is a Windows Softphone and Attendant Console Solution that can be purchased through the SkySwitch Store.  

Product Features:

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows PC
  • 4-16 Lines ( depending on version )
  • 3 Accounts
  • 24-2000 BLF extensions ( depending on version )
  • Simplified Receptionist Operations
  • Touch Screen Ready
  • Multiple Audio Devices
  • Call Notes
  • Recent Calls
  • Contact List
  • Web integration
  • Answering Machine

There are three(3) versions to choose from, check out the full descriptions & pricing in the SkySwitch store. 

  • Standard Version
    • 4 Lines / 3 Accounts / 24 BLF
  • Professional Version
    • 8 Lines / 3 Accounts / 250 BLF
  • Enterprise Version
    • 16 Lines / 3 Accounts / 2000 BLF

Ordering Information

You will receive an email with your license & installation key on the receipt following 'check out' from the SkySwitch store. 

Always use the SkySwitch provisioned app which you can download from the SkySwitch store or use the download link below for the current version of Dialplate that is supported.   (As of Aug 22, this version is

Download Dialplate Installer

Each product version has its own download link. See the example below. 

Auto-provisioning is available as of Nov 1, 2018. Use the SkySwitch store built in provisioning. 

For the Dialplate Installation & Configuration Guide go to the article linked below   https://skyswitch.elevio.help/en/articles/650

Example Screen shot of Dialplate