Warning: Incorrect setup of E911 Caller ID may incur 'Unregistered' 911 call fees. Follow the instructions below for properly setting up E911 services on SkySwitch SIP Trunks.
Refer to this full detail document for hosted services, for e911 setup. http://skyswitch.elevio.help/en/articles/26

WARNING: Inbound calls transferred by PBX users to 911 are permitted. We cannot block transfers to 911. If a call is transferred to 911 and the ANI is not registered it will incur an ‘Unregistered 9-1-1 Call’ fee. We highly advise you to inform your end customers not to transfer callers to 9-1-1. It’s best to train or advise your end customer if every asked to transfer a call to 9-1-1, to ask the caller to hang up and dial 911 directly. The calling party’s carrier is best able to respond with timely emergency location-based services. Please contact ‘Billcenter@skyswitch’, we will ask our 911 provider for a concessionary ‘Unregistered’ credit.

WARNING: 3rd Party 9-1-1 Provider Databases

It’s important to understand our 911 provider’s database operates separately from any other 911 service provider’s databases. Meaning, if you are in the process of Porting-In an active TN to SkySwitch’s network from another service provider with E911 enabled, until you register address location to that specific TN in SkySwitch’s 911 provider’s database, the TN is considered unregistered and any 9-1-1 dialed calls will be routed to the ‘National Emergency Services Call Center’ at a charge of $150.00.

Setting up E911 Service on a SIP Trunk

  1. Follow the instructions above for 'Manage DIDs Portal - Assigning E911 Location Information'. You must register a TN and E911 address in the Manage DID portal first.
  2. Add the assigned E911 TN based on your SIP Trunk Setup:
  • Registration Based SIP Trunks use the Domain's E911 Caller ID. If a reseller wishes to block E911 they must set the Domain's E911 to 0000000000.
  • Optional - For Registration Based SIP Trunks, E911 can also be set at the User Device level in NMS. If E911 is set at the User Device level the Domain's E911 Caller ID will not be used. You must make this request thru a support ticket for assistance in assigning E911 at the User Device level.
  • IP Authorization SIP Trunks use the E911 Caller ID that the SIP Trunk sends. Add the assigned E911 TN to the customer premise based PBX per the manufacture guide. If a reseller wishes to block E911 they must send 0000000000 from their PBX or block it inside their PBX.
  • Unregistered SIP Trunks can have the Domain's E911 Caller ID set thru a support ticket.
Caution: Always test E911 by dialing 933 after you add or make changes to a Users or PBX ‘E911 Caller ID’.

Additional 911 Notifications

It is possible with special dial translations, that a 2nd extension could be notified when a 911 call is made. An example of this could be a hotel room that calls 911, the switch also needs to notify the front desk. This type of special dial translation programming by the support team which is billable. Please open a support ticket with this request if needed.

Assignment of new construction or temporary address location

It is common to receive an error within the Manage DID portal when trying to add address location information for a new construction site or temporary address; in this case, we must add the E911 address information manually with our 911 provider. SkySwitch will open a Support Ticket with our 911 provider to have the address information manually loaded and validated. Geocodes are required in these cases. Geocode are longitude and latitude coordinates. You can identify or notate the geocodes from google maps, an automobile navigation system or mobile phone while at the physical location.

Once the address has been added successfully we will update you thru your Support Ticket. This can take up to 24 hours. Do not make any ‘Live Test’ calls until we notify you an address location is assigned to the TN.

BYOT Customers
  • Follow the instructions in ‘Assigning and Managing 911 Caller Information’ listed above.
Caution: Always test E911 by dialing 933 after you add or make changes to a Users ‘E911 Caller ID’ field.

If you have any additional questions or require additional training in setting up E911, please call 1-747-777-8102 or email Support@SkySwitch.com with your request.