Welcome to SkySwitch Onboarding! We hope you find this checklist helpful in visualizing the tasks ahead & we're here to help too! Please reach out to your onboarding team members with any questions.

Email: Onboarding@SkySwitch.com

We realize as you get started, several emails will be distributed from our team. Let's talk by phone about the information and questions you may have.

Locate & carefully read your reseller emails.

  • CSI Tax Exemption Instructions Compliance Solutions Inc. (CSI)
  • Private Branding and BYOT (Bring Your Own Telecom) - 2 Branding Tasks (PBX Manager Portal & Meeting Manager) 
  • HIPAA BAA Notification
  • Welcome Letter with your Reseller ID & your credentials to the SkySwitch Dashmanager.
  • Welcome to Onboarding which includes the Pre-Onboarding Questionnaire

Let's get YOU started! 

  1. Become familiar with CSI and send in your tax exemption information so you may purchase products and services from SkySwitch at wholesale prices.
  2. Watch the video(s) on branding tasks first, then complete both forms to submit your logos using your Reseller ID found in the Welcome Letter.
  3. Understand why your company needs to be HIPAA compliant.
  4. Locate your Welcome Letter to log yourself into the Dashmanager, then add your staff members too.

Now let's get your TECHNICAL TEAM started ! 

  1. Fill out the Pre-Onboarding worksheet to submit the names of your team members who also need training. Let's get them enrolled in our SkySwitch University so they can begin too!
  2. Please help us encourage your team members to participate & watch at least the first 2 videos in the SkySwitch University, prior to live training. 
  3. Schedule your live training in 90 minute sessions. We will organize the training into 2 parts, the IT/technical portion & the billing essentials. You may wish to divide your team into different areas of interest and responsibilities.

Finally, here's how to prepare your BILLING TEAM.

  1. Have your billing team get familiar with the training video courses & knowledge base articles on billing.
  2. Create & return your reseller Catalog of items & services you wish to create quotes and also billing. We can provide you with an excellent example to help get you started.
  3. Fill out the form to enroll yourself with CSI which establishes your connection in Billing Services to the CSI Tax Database.

We've got a lot more information for you in our Knowledge Base, but this is a great way to get started as a new reseller. Welcome to SkySwitch!

Email: Onboarding@SkySwitch.com