Concept: Entitlements are used to enable and disable certain features for your end users. As of Feb. 2018 the Entitlements module is being used for ReachUC licensing. In the future, additional Offerings will me controlled by this module as well.

The Entitlements module can be accessed from the User menu in your Reseller dashboard.

Each feature or service that is controlled by the Entitlements module is called an Offering. ReachUC is one such Offering. Additional Offerings will be introduced in the future.

You will be able to do the following from the Entitlements module:

Set Default Entitlements for a Specific Offering and Domain.

You can choose any domain and set the default Entitlement for a specific Offering.

When you set a domain default, all users within the domain will be assigned this Entitlement unless an override has been created for a specific User.

Set the Entitlement of an Offering for a Specific User

You can override the default Entitlement setting for a Domain by creating an entry for a specific User.  

This override will remain regardless of any future changes to domain defaults.

  • After choosing a Domain and an Offering, click the "Add Entitlement" button

  • In the resulting modal box, choose the User and Entitlement override as desired. The image below shows the available Override values for the ReachUC Offering.

Once an Entitlement override is created for a specific User and Offering, it can be edited directly from the list.

How Long Does it Take For Entitlements to Take Effect?

The changes occur right away, but it requires a log-out and log-in from the end user if they are already logged in. The settings are acquired when a user logs in.