Listed below are additional add-on services and features available to SkySwitch RESELLER's. Please contact your Sales Representative or Support with any questions.

To order this service, please fill out the request form for the desired service.

Bring Your Own Telco (BYOT) - Interop Fee Per carrier $499.00

Configuration and testing of routing RESELLERS third party origination and termination carriers. SkySwitch supports interoperability with the most common US based carriers. Resellers are responsible for support and troubleshooting carrier issues outside of the SkySwitch network.

Automated CDR Export - Interop Fee $499.00

Configuration of an automated CDR export process that delivers unrated CDRs from the SkySwitch platform to a designated FTP server on a predetermined schedule.

API Access - Setup Fee of $399.00 for all Domains

Configuration and setup of API token for RESELLER to develop API calls within their RESELLER account. Fee opens access to all domains on a given reseller account.

Archive Call Recording Setup Fee of $199.00

Configuration and setup of Reseller's AWS S3 account to Reseller's Skyswitch reseller instance for archiving call recordings. This can also be done by domain, the first domain setup fee will be $199, each additional domain will be $99.

You can configure your Reseller S3 bucket to give your customers access to their own directory only.

Team Training - New Hires or Retraining $150

SkySwitch will always have our online video courses available for your team to do their own self study, but we also offer a "from scratch" training over the phone just like you may have experienced as a brand new reseller for that personal touch and guided learning experience with one of our Onboarding Team staff. 

Voice Mail Nag - One-time reseller activation fee of $99 for all Domains

Skyswitch can activate a Voice Mail Notify feature whereby selected PBX users may be configured to receive repeated calls until all of their new voicemail messages are read (i.e, either saved or deleted).

vBroadcast Activation – No Setup Fee, per min fee $0.0225 30/6 second billing

SkySwitch provides its RESELLER’s the ability to offer its end customers the use of a broadcast dialer for the delivery of message announcements to direct customers.

Web Conferencing - Setup fee of $449 includes Branding & Training

SkySwitch provides it RESELLER’s the ability to offer its end customers the use of a web conferencing for hosting presentations & web based training needs. Hosted Web Conferencing pricing is on a per "Room" basis.

4 Digit PIN Codes for International Dialing - $25 per domain

Domain Customization and Custom Dial Translations

The insertion of special custom dial translations per event are billed based on the allotted engineering minutes required for successful Setup, Insertion & Testing: 0-4 = $0.00, 5-15mins= $25.00, 16-40mins, $50.00 41-60, mins $75.00

Professional Services Fees or Custom programming is billed at $125 per hour in half-hour increments.