The Grandstream GDS3710 is a Video Door Phone with SIP Capabilities.

This device's SIP settings can be provisioned through NDP, but the GDS3710 uses different P-Codes than Typical Grandstream Devices. The NDP provisioning file will ONLY add the basic SIP settings to the device.

The device template in NDP is a custom template, and it is not possible to add overrides to configure other options.

Default Username Password

The default Username for the device is 'admin'. Unlike other Grandstream devices, the default password is randomly generated and printed on the back panel of the device. Make sure to write it down BEFORE mounting the device.

CAUTION: It is possible to view the SIP Password from the GUI of this device. Make sure to keep dial permissions strict. We do NOT recommend port forwarding HTTP/HTTPS to this device.


The GDS3710 only uses DHCP Option 66 to find a provisioning string. If your Router/Firewall cannot push Option 66 as an http string, you will need to enter the provisioning settings manually.

After logging into the device, go to Maintenance > Upgrade and input "" as the Config Server Path. Once saved, reboot the device to pull the configuration.

Other Configuration Options

Door System Settings

If you intend to use the device as a video Doorbell, Enter the number to be called under "Number Called When Door Bell Pressed". You can add multiple numbers as a Comma Seperated List.

Video Settings

It is recommended ot use H264 at a 720p unless calls will remain on the LAN, or there is enough Bandwidth to support 1080p.

Dial Permissions

Make sure to set your dial permissions to be very strict in the User Portal, such as 'Extensions Dialing Only'. Users at the Keypad will be able to dial outside numbers if allowed.

Compatibility with Yealink and Grandstream

This should work with Yealink and Grandstream with the basic auto-configuration. Though compatibility mode may need to be enabled in the GUI.

Compatibility with Polycom

Must be on Polycom Firmware 9.1+ and use the following Polycom Override


Other Notes

If video calling does not work after following this guide, you may need to enable 'SIP Proxy Compatibility mode'. Under SIP Settings > SIP Advanced Settings.