Naming the Domain

It's important to choose a simple name that will function properly for the client with needs like SMS text messaging on registered devices on the domain.

IMPORTANT: Choose 1 word only !
Example ABCCompany.12345.service

Note: Your 5 digit reseller information will be added automatically as part of your domain choice in configuring a new client. You may choose your own first word of the domain name that best represents the client.

Domain Naming Rules

  • Upper or lower case letters are allowed
  • Alphanumeric naming is also allowed
  • Make the domain name as unique as possible.

Do NOT use the names "demo" or "test" for your domain because login names for users are of the format <extension>@<domain_name>, which does not include the ".<resellerID>.service" portion. This will result in you not being able to add a user if <extension>@demo or <extension>@test already exists in the system.

Examples of allowed domain names:

  • abcplumbing.12345.service
  • LocalBusiness.12345.service
  • Fifth3rdBank.12345.service
Do NOT include spaces, underscore, period, comma, or any other special characters like
+, *, -, %, $, @, &, #
(Note - These can cause issues for SMS Messages)

Do NOT add their regular or .net extension anywhere in the name.

IMPORTANT: Keep it to 1 word only.
Example ABCCompany.12345.service

Deletion & Editing Rules

  • Proceed cautiously if you feel you need to delete a domain, or is no longer needed. There is NO penalty for leaving a domain as inactive or simply as a test domain you use for training purposes with your staff. 
  • Before deleting a domain be sure that all DIDs and Users under the domain have been deleted first.
  • You cannot edit, or change the spelling on an existing domain. This function is blocked! 
  • Once a domain has been deleted, that same name cannot be used again.  (i.e. Do not delete ABCCompany, and add a new one called abccompany. Those are essentially the same.)
  • If a customer changes their business name and requests a domain name change to match, do not edit their existing domain name. Instead, create a brand new domain for them, and recreate their user configuration to match. When you're ready, move any DIDs over to the new domain name. Keep their old domain inactive in your list as long as you like as a reference to their previous setup. When you are completely satisfied with the replication of data, you may remove the previous domain.

WARNING: Do NOT Edit or Delete the domain 0000.XXXXX.service. If there is a need to edit anything under this domain please open a request to Support.

Disabling a Domain

If you find that there is a need to disable one of the domains under your account. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open Domain and click the Edit Settings button.
  2. In the Basic tab change the Status to Locked.
    Note: This will disable outgoing calls. However, if users have enabled their VMs, incoming calls will go to VM. The next steps will fix this.
  3. Go to Defaults tab and uncheck Enable Voicemail option.
  4. Go to each user in the domain and uncheck Enable Voicemail.

Residential vs Non-Residential (Business) Domain

You can read more about the differences between these two types of domains by going to the article

Differences between Residential and Non-Residential (Business) Domain