Our Manage Telco 'Daily Call Statistics Summary' report is designed to help you track and monitor your telco usage and quality of call service.

The emails mentioned in this article will come from donotreply@switch-alert.com, we recommend whitelisting this email address. The subject line will contain "Daily Summary for {Date}".

The email delivery preferences for this report is managed within the resellers Manage Telco portal. To set the email you want this report emailed to, go to 'Account Overview' and update the 'Report Email' field.

You will find the following data points in the summary report for your information.

  • Host - Internal domain path assigned for routing the call
  • Trunk – Naming Nomenclature
  • Active – Current active calls We do not include a value in this summary report for this field(s).
  • Attempted – Number of call Attempts During the captured period. 
  • Completed - Number of calls that were answered including those by an AA or going to VM.
  • Failed - Number of calls that were not answered or considered not completed.
  • ASR - ASR is the percentage of the number of successfully connected calls to the number of attempted calls (it is also called the call completion rate): ASR % = (total number of answered calls / total number of calls) × 100
  • PDD - Post-dial delay (PDD) is the time it takes to receive feedback after a user has finished dialing (after they pressed the dial button on their phone). This feedback can be in the form of a dial tone, a recorded announcement or the call being abandoned. A low PDD means a better user experience. Consumers are generally used to the short PDD of a PSTN and often react negatively when there is a long pause after dialing. In the case of higher PDD, it is expected that there is no dial tone for the subscriber to initiate a call. PDD should be not more than 4-5 seconds, and anything below 2 is considered excellent.
  • ACD - ACD is a quality metric used by telephony providers. It is the average length of an answered call made over the network: ACD = duration of all answered calls/number of answered calls
  • For example, if there were 62 answered calls with a total duration of 145 minutes, then: ACD = 145 [duration of all answered calls] / 62 [total number of answered calls] = 2.34 minutes
  • MCD - Maximum Call Duration
  • Actual – Total Call Time
  • Billable – Total Billable Call Time
  • Charges – Total Charges
  • Margins – Profit or Loss based on the call cost and charges. We do not track a value in this summary report.
  • Fees - NRC fees which may be assigned on a per call(s) basis. We do not assign NRC fees to calls.
  • SJitter, RJitter, RLate, Rlost - These are packet measurements related to their delivery and state between endpoints. We do not include values in this summary report.